Services for resellers

Decept Dropship

Dropshipping or Direct fulfilment is perfect for resellers who do not want to stock items or would like to offer items that are not core to their business without having to stock them.  “Drop-shipment” can also be a form of product distribution where a reseller is out of stock and in need of an order despatching directly to the customer. The supplier (decept) then delivers directly to the final client (your customer), who remains in contact with the retailer (you).

Decept dropship also allows you the freedom to purchase individual products, delivered wherever you choose within the EU - decept take away the requirement for retailers who have to purchase certain brands, in minimum amounts.

How does it work?
You promote products from our catalogue, once sold, you pass the order on to us through our system, which will be delivered directly to your customer. The delivered package will contain your details, so there will not be any delivery note or invoice mentioning decept distribution on the package going to your customer.


Do I have to pay for this service?
No, this service is completely free; simply open an account to benefit from our great services.

How is the payment completed?

The retailer receives a payment from a customer for product X. The retailer passes this order to decept by completing an "order request form" on our website.  The retailer can choose from a variety of payment methods.  Once payment has been received, product X will be shipped to the customer.

Is there a minimum order amount?
There is no minimum order amount to use the decept dropshipment service.

Is there a recommended retail price which I must adhere to?
No, the indicated prices of our products correspond to our catalogue prices.  It is your responsibility to ensure all prices are in agreement with manufacturer recommended prices.

What warranties are available?
You are entitled to the manufacturer warranty that corresponds to the purchased product.

What is the after-sales service policy with regards to decept dropship?
As a retailer, you alone will be in contact with your clients. Therefore, it is your responsibility to offer after-sales services, if necessary. At no point will decept offer assistance to your clients directly.

How are after-sales problems processed?
Your customer returns the faulty product directly to you. You will then return the product either to us and we will proceed with the after-sales service and return the product to you, or in certain cases, you will be required to return it directly to the manufacturer.
Products from our after-sales service are sent directly to you and not directly to your customer for logistical security reasons.