What you get:
  • UPC / EAN number and Barcode - for use on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping & many more
  • High Resolution JPEG graphics, and vector EPS of each unique barcode that you order
  • Certificate of Authenticity stating the codes are unique and exclusive to you
  • Text listing of all barcode numbers associated with your graphics
  • Commercial Invoice

Our Service:
  • Fast delivery
  • Verified authentic unique codes
  • No recurring fees
  • We can work with you to assign the codes to your products
  • Feed generation
  • If you supply your data feed or product CSV we can assign the EAN codes for you, against your products
  • Possibility to enter your products in our EAN lookup database (minimum 500 codes per entry)

What you should know:
  • EAN/Barcodes should be assigned to each individual product in your inventory.  For example, you may sell one design of T-shirt in 3 colours and 3 sizes.  You would need a unique code for each size, and each colour variant so 9 EAN codes would be required in this example.
  • The unique code will relate to a specific item in your inventory, so it can be used for inventory management, ePOS, stock control or e-commerce platform.  You can even print the barcode to use as a label on products in a physical store.
  • You can use these barcodes with any UPC/EAN compatible scanner/till/ePOS system and they will link to the EAN code assigned to your product.

Frequently asked questions:
  • Are these EAN codes all that I need to sell my products on the internet?
  • Yes, these EAN barcodes, along with other mandatory attributes such as NAME, SKU, PRICE & the URL to the product on your website are sufficient to enable you to sell the product on Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Play and more.
  • How many codes do I need?
  • You need one code for each product 'variation', for example size and colour
  • Will these work for any product?
  • Our codes will work for all products that require an EAN number which can be purchased in a store (excluding pharmaceuticals)
  • Will these work in any country?
  • Yes, our codes will work worldwide, online and in retail.
  • Do they need to be registered with information about my product, price or company?
  • No, we can assign the EAN codes to your products that require them for you.  Or you can take a block of codes and submit these codes to register directly the products with your sales platform(e.g. Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, supermarket, ePOS and other stores, etc). They will link the information as well as price to the code for you.
  • Do I need to print the barcodes?
  • If you sell products online you should only need the numbers, however if you sell through a distributor instead of sending the products directly, you may need to print the barcodes on stickers, which you can do with the images that we provide with your order.
  • Refund policy:
  • Since this item is a digital download all sales are final.